Partenariat officiel avec l’entreprise saoudienne SIFC Consultancy dirigée par Dr Mohammad ALZANNAN.

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer qu’un partenariat entre l’Ordre Mondial des Experts Internationaux et l’entreprise de consulting SIFC a été conclu.

Les deux entités vont collaborer sur des projets communs très prochainement.

I am Dr. Mohammad Alzannan .

I’ve held several top positions such as:

  • CEO of SIFC Consultancy Company.
  • CEO of Wefaq center for training and consulting.
  • Strategic Consultant of Public Prosecution.
  • Strategic Consultant of ministry of Islamic affairs.

SIFC is  A Saudi company that provides consultations, studies and research to all industries, assisting them in improving their performance and achieving their objectives via the use of a distinguished team of specialists and local and global professional competencies.

Further, Its  Major Objectives are:

  • Improving institutional operations to keep up with advancements around the world.
  • Assessing administrative weaknesses and improving business and institutional performance.



  • Increasing the standard of quality in accordance with global standards.
  • Preparing scientific research and studies in the fields of administration and leadership.
  • Making a positive difference in the institutions’ and businesses’ ability to achieve profitability.
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